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When the dancer disappears, the dance remains...

Leading to the dance of heart...

This is an institute to promote Creative Arts in North India. An institute is an organization founded to promote a cause. The cause here is bringing the rich and the poor on one platform to learn without discrimination of affordability in fees. The primary focus is on teaching and learning rather than performing shows. Performing shows could be done later by collaborating together with other people who are part of the institute by some way or the other.

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Acting & Dance Classes in Gurgaon


There is no course as such,but I will take you gradually from basics to Elementary and then advanced according to your capability.This art form requires lot of sensitivity as a human being.

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On an average 3 months are required to complete Choreography on one Song.Though if the group is too slow,it may take a longer time.As you grow as a dancer,you keep getting promoted to a higher level.

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Wedding Choreography

You are most welcome to contact me for weddings choreography for your family members and relatives.Budget could be discussed over the phone or via Email.

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Corporate Training

You are most welcome to contact me for training your employees in Acting or Bollywood dance through Workshops/Classes.I am an Artist and do work primarily for art

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You will love coming to our acting and dance class...

At present,the Institute is dedicated to teach and learn Acting and Dance Classes in Gurgaon. Acting both in English and Hindi languages. And dance primarily Bollywood Style. This is not a place wherein people can learn hip hop,contemporary,couple dances etc.

  • The Institute welcomes children from age 9 years and above to learn Acting. Exceptions could be considered. Of Course Adults are welcome too.There is no upper age limit.
  • The Institute welcomes children from age 7 years and above to learn dance. Exceptions could be considered. Of course Adults are welcome too. There is no upper age limit.
  • Persons with physical disabilities are most welcome.
  • Special people are also welcome.

Premium Dance School

Having facility of air conditioner around

Knowledgable Dance Masters

A dancer who knows true meaning and nuances of Bollywood dance

It is an institute strictly based on Guru Shishya Parampara

Punctuality,dedication,commitment, respecting Teacher cannot be compromised on

The idea is to impart training in Acting and Dance with a lot of discipline,commitment and hard work by both Guru(teacher) and the Shishya (student). This is not a place that encourages words like marketing, clients, customers,brand,sale etc.It is totally like a gurukul wherein learners are called students who devote themselves in learning the art forms.You can have fun here but the main motive of a Guru(teacher) is to teach with full concentration, sincerity and belongingness(with the student).The main idea is not to have fun but to teach,learn and build a teacher student personal and professional relationship.


Students should arrive to class early in order to prepare for class physically and mentally. This also allows the instructor to start class on time.


Commitment is the key to effective learning.

Respecting Teacher

Teachers play an important role in the lives of students. Apart from your parents they also shape your lives by help inculcate good morals in you.


One of the top reasons your kids or you engage in acting and dancing is that it teaches dedication.

Bollywood dance has its own identity which involves lots of jhatkas,matkas and thumkas.This art form originated in Mumbai through Hindi Films.Then other art forms like Indian Classical and western(mostly today) got mixed with it by taking these as a base to Bollywood Dance in particular songs.Bollywood dance is basically dance on Hindi film songs. Therefore, people with flair for learning dance on Hindi film songs can surely join in here and try these classes.

Now about Acting, the institute clearly states that a career in Acting is not an easy job. But this art form can be learnt by sensitive human beings for their personality development and confidence building. Only education sector e.g. teaching in schools is a stable profession in Acting otherwise due to nepotism in Mumbai Film Industry, outsiders (who are not related to film families or people working in films) have to go through a lot of pain and struggle and despite that most of them fail to achieve the target. Doing Theatre does not give money and films and media do not give work easily.