5 Things You Should Consider Before Picking The Perfect Summer Dance Program

5 Things You Should Consider Before Picking The Perfect Summer Dance Program

When a person has little experience outside of their home studio, it can be a little difficult to figure out the summer dance program that really suits them. There is nothing worse than choosing a certain program then arriving and discovering that you do not like it and have to be stuck with it all summer!

Your goals and desires

Defining your goals should be the first thing you do. This might be the most difficult decision about it and you have to base it on things like your desire to perform, your budget, your long-term training goals, your dedication as well as the number of years you want to train.

Your ability to cope

You have to determine your coping mechanism because you will be dancing all day everyday for the next few weeks of summer. You have to be ready to deal with competition, time management, homesickness, sleeping habits as well as your ability to communicate when you get problems.

The kind of school you want to attend

You should take it upon yourself to research the dance schools you want to join and know everything you can about them before making a decision. If the school is attached to a company, then research about it as well as the teachers. Ask yourself why you want to join that certain school and consider a few things.

  • Consider whether you would like to have a year round program in that school in the future.
  • You should also ask yourself whether want to perform and if the said school is offering you the opportunity to perform.
  • Would you like a lengthy program where you would like to see changes in your technique?
  • Is the training in line what you really want and can you get a variety of training such as contemporary, modern, strengthening as well as variations?


Safety is also a major consideration and more so for the parents. Most of the time, companies offer their students excellent techniques, repertoire experiences reflecting their company, artistic training and more importantly, city living. This is usually a new experience for most of the students and so naturally, the parents would like it to turn out positive.

You should learn about the city and consider how you will be living there. Of course, you should make this decision with your parents or at least with a guardian so they can advice you.

Making the decision

Once you make a decision, you need to make preparations and make sure you can handle the school policies. You should also be physically prepared for the program.