How Bollywood Dance helps your mental stability?

How Bollywood Dance helps your mental stability?

Dancing is a grueling, exhilarating – and life-changing experience that nourishes both- your body and mind. Once you learn graceful Bollywood Dancing, it will influence your mental stability and it will be the only mental health boost you need. Here are ways in which it can influence your mental well-being:

• Dancing improves functioning of the brain on a variety of levels. Through regularly practicing a type of dance at least once a week, one can maximize his or her brain function. You may have noticed that dancers seem to glide effortlessly across the stage. But learning the steps is both physically and mentally exhausting process. Yet, recent research suggests that dance marking, a way of loosely practicing a routine by “going through the motions”, might enhance the quality of dance performance by reducing the mental strain needed to perfect the movements.

• Have you ever felt dizzy sometimes when you stand up? The fear of falling may sometimes prevent you from exploring the world any further. If you are prone to dizziness, a research study has recently found that dancing may help improve your balance and make you less dizzy. A dance move, like ‘spinning’ for instance, reshapes the cerebellum and allows a dancer to create super-fluidity and not get dizzy while swiftly spinning one’s body.

• Regular dancing can help you to prevent and treat mood disorders and anxiety. It was also found to foster improved self-esteem and a greater capacity to deal with everyday problems. Such positive effects continued around four to eight months, even after the dance training ended. Reduced stress and depression levels while also boosting your mental capacities, dancing can help you have a better outlook in life, thereby decreasing your risks of suffering from mental illnesses.

• Bollywood dancing can make you bodily-kinesthetic intelligent! This type of intelligence enables individuals be exceptional when it comes to balance, coordination, speed, strength and flexibility, as a result of smooth functioning of the brain.

• Dancers can be sharper in the short run and are less likely to become victims of brain diseases in the long term. Dancing gives you improved memory power, coordination, and serves as an intense workout. Dancing was the only physical activity found to lower dementia risk by a whopping 76 percent.