How To Become A Professional Dancer

Looking at it closely, dancing is so much like education, it has levels, and the more one advances upwards, the more there is to learn. In education, one graduates from High school, gets a degree at the university, and then does a master’s degree, then PHD, and so on so forth. Likewise, once you have learnt the basic dance moves, perfected the moves and steps, then you proceed upwards and become a professional at it. You could thus become a dance instructor, dance teacher, a performer in events, or you could start your own dancing troupe!
Why is it so important for one to be a professional when working as a dance instructor or teacher?


? As a dance teacher, you’ll find yourself teaching many old and young people, all of them eager to learn dance moves. You’ll need to act very professionally so that your students take you very seriously. Dancing is fun, sure, but it is also hard work, it is determination, and it is about sweating it out till you get it right. Your students must always take you seriously.

? In professional dancing, whether as a teacher, or as a dance troupe manager, money will be involved. Again, before your students or clients pay for your services, you have to show them that you are a serious professional. While it is recommendable to have fun while practicing, you must always remain above your students, let there be a boundary between you two.

? As a professional dancer, you are also an entertainer. You’ll be required to dance in weddings, events, parties, and so on so forth. Always learn to keep time! The ability to keep time is one characteristic of being a professional. Always arrive an hour or so before you are due on stage.

? Once your reputation as a professional dance instructor or dancer has spread, you’ll get more and more clients in need of your services. Guarding your reputation is key; it guarantees unending opportunities for you to make an extra coin.

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? Even when it is time to start your own dancing group, professionalism will be greatly required of you. Passion is important; it will help bring members together. But it is the professionalism that will keep the members together; as a dancing troupe, you’ll need a code of ethics to guide you all. Arriving for practice on time, not taking alcohol when performing, remaining cool and courteous even when criticised by a client; these are crucial aspects of any professional dancers.

Do not become just an average, half baked dancer; climb up the ladder, learn from the best, and become a professional yourself! The world has immense opportunities for you as a professional dance teacher or performer.