Tips from a Professional for the First Dance at Your Wedding

Tips from a Professional for the First Dance at Your Wedding

wedding is a special, memorable day, by any standards! It’s a time to celebrate the union of two souls, with the watchful eyes of family and friends. While it’s a hugely symbolic event, it is also meant to be fun! That’s why in all weddings, the couple’s first dance is always a much awaited feature! Regardless of whether one thinks themselves good dancer, or not so good, a first dance on your special occasion is a must, you can’t avoid it. The earlier you come to terms to that, the better for you to find a way to go about it.

The good news though is that, there are experts who have thought of the likelihood of a couple not knowing how to dance in their wedding, and gone ahead to help such couples! In other words, there are dance choreographersout there, capable of helping you polish your moves before that much awaited First dance. The below tips are what any professional would recommend;

• Practice anywhere, anytime: Rather than waiting for the last minute, try practicing your dance moves long before the wedding day itself. Feel free to experiment the moves in your bedroom, when showering, literally anywhere. Doing so creates confidence, which you’ll greatly need when doing the real thing.

• Practice the dance in your shoes: Have you tried walking in your wedding shoes a bit? Many couples have been messed up by their shoes on the big day because they went to some shop, bought the shoe, and kept it in readiness for the big day! Thus try doing your moves in your wedding shoes well in advance, to avoid last minute embarrassments, or worse, accidents on stage!

• Choose a slow song: Regardless of what a song means to you and your spouse, avoid opting for a fast song to be your first dance song. This is especially so if you are not a great dancer. Slow always does the trick; a slow song is less demanding in terms of body movements required.

• Practice together; it is very wise to practice your First dance with your partner, long before the Wedding day. Doing so not only ensures you synchronise and fine tune your movements, it also gives a chance for improvements and introduce new, fancy moves to spice up the dance. In fact professional dance choreographers advice couples to commence joint practice sessions 4 weeks before the wedding, to be sure that they’ve polished and synchronised their moves perfectly.

A first dance is not something to be afraid of, or something to be done quickly, just to get over it; if done correctly, it has the ability to form lasting memories in the minds of everyone who is present, not to mention the romantic side of it. It’s also an emotional thing that helps the bride and groom bond for a lifetime.

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